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Is shaving a few seconds off your commute worth a child’s life?

Dear Reader,

I have an admission.  I like to color within the lines.  I like rules.  They tell me what I can do, and I have an idea of what I can get away with in the right circumstances.  I firmly believe that rules are often in place for a reason.  To keep you from getting hurt, for example.  A life without rules sounds dreamy but in practice is impractical.

One thing I fudge a lot just like everyone else is obeying speed limits.  But again there’s a time to fudge it and a time to follow it.  The highway?  Dude, get out of my way!  On my way to work? Hell no.

My commute takes me through residential areas and as a consequence there is a school that I pass through.  I don’t speed through school zones.  You know why?  Because kids haven’t learned the rules yet.  They don’t know to look in both directions, they run headlong into trouble and I don’t want to be the motorist who hits and kills a kid.  Now it’s summer and the majority of schools are out, except the one I drive by.  I’m assuming they have summer classes in session since there is light traffic in the mornings going in and the lights are still flashing.

It annoys me when drivers ignore the flashing school zone lights.  I really wish there was a cop who would give their ass a ticket.

This morning, as I’m pulling through the intersection at the school, a cop pulls up at the stop sign.  I wasn’t worried for myself but I was amused since two cars had gunned it through the school zone ahead of me.  The cop turns to follow the same path I did – and blazed by me.  Didn’t even pretend there was a normal speed limit of 35, much less the school zone limit of 20.  The cop didn’t have his lights on and he appeared to be driving without purpose.

Maybe it’s me, but those lights flash for a reason and even cops should obey them.  I was tempted to write down his license plate number or something but didn’t have the means to do it.  Does that make me a bitch?  Possibly, but when I think about my childhood best friend who was hit by someone, I’m only with being a bitch.


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Parents Need to be Parents

Dear Reader,

The idea of becoming a mother terrifies me.  There’s a huge amount of responsibility that comes with children, but also the unconditional love of a person you made.  It’s something that in years to come, I hope to experience – but not today, this year or next.  I’m not ready for that.  I can take care of a pet just fine, but I have serious reservations when it comes to a little person.  Plus its not something I want to do alone.  That’s getting into a whole other topic.  Let’s refocus!

Last night I went on a brief shopping trip to Target.  I needed a belt and since I was there I couldn’t pass up looking around.  It’s friggen Target people!  I grab a bunch of stuff and go to the dressing room.  There was an adorable little girl, probably 2 or 3 years old.  Keep in mind my ability to gauge children’s ages is really bad, all I know was that she was little and clearly not potty trained well enough.  She was out playing by the attendant.  No parent in sight.  I was concerned but since the attendant was smiling and acknowledging the child I decided to mind my own business.

Unknowingly I picked the dressing room next to the child’s mother, who had at least one other friend in the dressing room with her.  I don’t like to make judgements of people, but I wasn’t impressed with these individuals.  A few minutes go by and the child comes into the dressing area, bangs on the door until her mother opens the door for her and proceeds to announce that she must pee.  Mother and friend laugh about this.  Child states again that she must pee – now and that she will pee in her pants.  Mother continues to ignore this.

I thought this was irresponsible, but of course every rational parent will take care of their child.

Or so I thought.

The next thing I hear is the unmistakable sound of peeing, liquid splattering on that thin carpet covering concrete that’s just rough concrete.

I froze and thought that I had to be hearing things and waited – but no – the kid really was peeing.

The mother and friend laughed and giggled and never once reprimanded the child.  They even stated that they were going to sneak out of the dressing room without telling the attendant.

I was pissed.  That child needs a mother who is a mom.  Just because you’re a teenage/early 20’s mom doesn’t mean that you have an excuse to be a bad parent.  Sure you get some leniency but letting your child pee in a dressing room?  That’s unacceptable.  Also, it’s gross.  Bad parenting creates problems for children.  My parents were of the school that crying was not allowed.  They weren’t emotionally extroverted parents.  I have issues with communicating my feelings.  But at least my parents taught me responsibility.  I can get over my emotional constipation on my own.  Do the world a favor, if you have kids, be a parent.  That’s what they need.* for the record, I did tell the attendant what had happened so she could at least call someone in to clean it up

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Sitting on $500

Dear Reader,

Furniture is expensive!

In the process of looking for houses I’ve earmarked things that are important to me.  Namely I judge a house on three things:

  1. the size of the closet
  2. counter space in the master bathroom
  3. space alotted for a dining table

Back when I moved out on my own I had a nice four person pub set and I would regularly invite a few friends over, cook for them and have enjoyable evenings spent eating and talking and playing cards or a game or watching a movie.  It was nice.  When I moved I gave up dining space in favor of security.  At the time it was the right move to make.

Now that I’m moving out on my own, I want to make a move to go back to eating nice meals with my friends.  So to get an idea of how much room I need to host a dinner party I’ve been looking at furniture.  And holy cow, it’s expensive!  Even for something simple, which is ideally what I want, a set can run you up to $700 easy.

Craigslist has become one of my favorite things.  I have yet to find something that fits what I want and need, but I’m hopeful that I’ll find something great that works as is, or is something I can paint and finish myself.

Any tips on finding or buying furniture?

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Teaser Tuesday: Rosemary and Rue

Teaser Tuesdays are a book meme hosted by Should be Reading. Anyone can play along! Just do the following:

  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
  • BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
  • Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

This Tuesday I’m reading Rosemary and Rue, by Seanan McGuire. Here’s my teaser:

The monsters can’t find as many places to hide and all aerie’s lies get easier to catch and define.  You can be human and still be safe, during the day.

Also, here’s the full blurb:

October “Toby” Daye, a changeling who is half human and half fae, has been an outsider from birth. After getting burned by both sides of her heritage, Toby has denied the Faerie world, retreating to a “normal” life. Unfortunately for her, the Faerie world has other ideas…

The murder of Countess Evening Winterrose pulls Toby back into the fae world. Unable to resist Evening’s dying curse, which binds her to investigate, Toby must resume her former position as knight errant and renew old alliances. As she steps back into fae society, dealing with a cast of characters not entirely good or evil, she realizes that more than her own life will be forfeited if she cannot find Evening’s killer.

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Painting my Face.

Saturday my friend and I went to see one of the shows put on by the local summer theater venues.  It was a traveling Broadway show.  People here don’t do enough dressing up for fun events like this if you ask my humble opinion.  Thankfully my friend is with me on wanting to dress up so we did.  I also had dramatic make-up which was pretty enough I wanted to share.
Ignoring my need to pluck, I really like this dramatic look.  There are a lot of purple and pink tones in the eyeshadow, most of which are MAC colors.  I was surprised by how purple my lashes look.  Because my hair color is a red with a lot of purple tones in it the MAC lady said I had to have purple mascara.  So I have it, much to the chagrin of my purple loving friends.  I only like purple, they love purple.  The only thing not MAC on my eyes is the liquid eyeliner I used to do the exaggerated cat-eye look.  It’s plain old Maybelline liquid eyeliner that I’ve used for ages.  I’ve thought about switching to a MAC liquid eye liner but I learned to create using the Maybelline stuff.  People watch in jealousy as I draw cat-eyes in a single straight line instead of nudging it along.

Anyways, there’s my fantastic make-up I wanted to share.  My latest work of art.  What are you working on?

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Skin care. All of it.

Dear Reader,

Sex wasn’t the only thing my mother didn’t teach me about.  Oh, she taught me how to shoot a gun, ride a horse and encouraged me to fight a bull, but how to be a girl?  I learned that from gay men, and thank God for them!  If I’d had lesbian tendencies it would have been okay, but I’d floundered around in life being an ultimate tomboy because I didn’t know how to be anything else.

Despite knowing those lessons should go into practice I fail on some of them.  Skin care has always been one of those daily rituals I fudge around on.  I’m a huge fan of moisturizer, but not so much a regular exfoliation schedule and I’ve never applied anti-aging stuff to my face.  I’m 26, there’s not a big need for it now, I know but still!

Something got to me this last week and I charged off to Wal-Mart to remedy my skin care issues.  The thing that started this off was that I really needed a new loofah and to invest in one of those back scrubber things.  While wearing a nice dress this last week I was disgusted with how my pale legs showed off my pores no matter what I did!  So I did some research, some digging and decided that  nothing I was doing as far as skin care was satisfactory.

For my legs I wanted to do some self-tanning lotion so I turned to Cosmo Magazine.  I know, I know – hush!  I typically use Neutrogena products and they have a self-tanner but the bottles were all missing lids, thus breaking the safety seal.  So I went with a L’oreal bronze skin lotion.  I really wish I’d taken before/after shots.  I’ve only done two applications but already the color of my legs is closer to the skin tone of my arms.  Not that I’m ever going to be tan, but my arms are a warmer color than my legs.  This has done wonders for making my pores less obvious.

Some tips if you’re going to use the L’oreal lotion, scrub and wash your legs and hands before.  Even if you just want, say, your lower legs more tan, do further up the limb than you want to show off to blend the color.  Blend the color!  Rub it in and pay close attention to spots that appear lighter or darker in color than the rest of your leg.  Also, when you bathe next, take a loofah and scrub the area you applied the lotion to.  This will remove excess lotion and leave you with a better idea of what color your skin is now.

Since I was already on the isle with all of the skin care products I found a body bar by Neutrogena.  Despite not being a teenager any longer sometimes I have pimples on my shoulders.  I’ve always thought my skin was a bit more oily than it should be.  I’ve used this Neutrogena body bar twice, both times doing lots of scrubbing and my skin feels better.  I wouldn’t say it glows, but it’s on it’s way!

Lastly, I picked up an anti-aging pack of face care products, also from Neutrogena.  Heck, I’m like the Neutrogena product placement today!  Anyways, I can’t tell a huge difference, it’s only been a few days, but I’m liking my skin more.  This is one of those things I’m doing for me.  I like feeling good about myself and today when I go to the concert hall to see a musical all dolled up, I’m going to feel good.

Have a good weekend ladies and gents!

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Reality and Love

Dear Reader,

I’ve never watched the Bachelor or the Bachelorette.  The only reality dating show I’ve ever been interested in was the Millionaire Match-Maker.  I decided that I was going to give this season of the Bachelorette a go.  Why not?  It’s TV.  I can stream it at work, and I’ll understand what the big deal about it is.

Right now I’m on episode 3 and I kind of wish I hadn’t challenged myself to watch it.  I might get behind on the show, but I’ll watch it.  I might not like it, but my stubborn personality won’t let me stop now.

Beyond that, lets talk about the Bachelorette.  I like the chick on the show.  She’s a little no holds barred, but she clearly states that she wants to hold nothing back.  I respect that.  I doubt I could be like that, but for her it works.  For me it’s the guys who break the show.  They somehow find a large group of attractive, stable men – who are also huge romantics, whole heartedly in it to find true love.  What skeletons are in their closet?  This season there’s some business with a particular man who is on the show for the wrong reasons and in my humble opinion is a huge frikken douche bag.

The concept of the show is cool.  Go on a show, meet the man of your dreams, fall in love and walk into the sunset.

That’s what happens in books.  Yes, it happens in real life, but the idea that a reality show will be the setting to find the perfect complement seems a little silly to me.  How many people are going to be able to open up and talk to you about the really difficult things – with a camera in your face?  However, it’s not easy to meet people.  Once upon a time my dad would have sold me off as a wife.  These days we’re left to our own devices as women to meet men.

Once I was told by a professor that since I was graduating and not dating anyone, I had a 5% chance of meeting someone and falling in love after college.  That was a head trip!  I’m cautious when it comes to relationships.  To say I’ve been burned is an understatement.  Us normal gals don’t have the opportunity to go on a TV show and meet a pool of men.  We have to work with what’s around us.  Who we meet in our every day lives.  If you’re adventurous, getting a friend or family member to hook you up or internet dating.  You have to decide what works for you.

As nice as the guys on the Bachelorette are to look at, I think I would run in the opposite direction were I ever on a date with them.  They’re too extremely hooked on the idea of love completing their life.  In my opinion, love enhances your life.  It’s not a basic necessity you must have to survive, but it makes it better.  It’s why romance books are awesome.  Finding love is an Easter Egg hunt.  You don’t know if you’re next date is your last first date or not, but you know that at the end of your book you’re getting a HEA.

I’ve kind of bounced all across the board here.  The Bachelorette is a cool show to watch, I kind of want to gag some of the guys, but it’s an interesting concept.  I wouldn’t have thought a show where all the guys want to be with the same girl and knowing the same girl had possibly kissed or more with a guy they’re sharing a room with.  However, props to them for going for it.  And, I want to go to Thailand again.


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