Things Doctors Shouldn’t Say


Dear Reader, I am of the opinion that doctors should probably not mention potentially life threatening diagnosis before they know better.  Because though she said It could be anything from the tiny problem of This, to something as big as Cancer – I only heard Cancer.

I know I’m having a freakout night.  I think I’m allowed.  It’s been one of those crappy weeks and you can only keep a positive spin on things for so long until you crack.  Tonight is my cracking point and I’m going to freak out a bit.

This isn’t the first instance of a doctor saying the wrong thing, though it’s the first time it’s happened to me.  Back when my father was in the hospital he had something similar happen.  When my mom was in the hospital one of the possible things wrong was that she’d had a heart attack; it was heat stroke.

I don’t know why doctors say stuff like this.  I’m sure there is a logical reason for saying these things to people.  Tonight I’m having problems understanding them.

As for what’s next, tomorrow I do blood tests and then I schedule another appointment so we can do some more testing of stuff and hopefully next week I’ll have a diagnosis that doesn’t involve anything invasive.  For now, I need to distract myself.



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2 responses to “Things Doctors Shouldn’t Say

  1. Good luck with the tests..I hope everything goes well..Yes some Dr.’s need to watch out what they say because it only freaks people out..

    • Sidney

      Thanks! Given a little time from the initial visit and I’m calmer. Yesterday was a little bit of a freakout fest.