Stare at My Legs, Why Don’t You?

Dear Reader,

You know what my #2 search hit is?  The #1 is Thor and his abs.  The #2?  My legs.  Seriously.

People apparently like looking at the picture I posted of my legs.  They’re nice legs.  I’ve always liked them.  Not so much my pores or how pale they are but as far as the shape and everything they’re pretty nice.

So here’s a new picture, with some more pretty shoes.

The shoes are new.  Here’s a detail picture of them.  I’m ignoring the brand, because I hate what Christian Aguire has done with the Ed Hardy name.  It used to stand for old school tattoos and tradition.  *deep breath*  Anyways, the shoes rock and I love them.



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2 responses to “Stare at My Legs, Why Don’t You?

  1. Those are pretty hot shoes, but all I can think is “oh, my bunions.”

    • Sidney

      I did not expect these to be comfortable, but they are. There’s a lot of cushion in the sole. It does lack on the arch support, so these aren’t shoes I can strut in, but they’re a fantastic take on the black heel.