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Dear Reader,

So tonight the amazing Suzan and I set up my new website.  I kind of planned on doing a slow roll out, but I’m not very good at slow.  So, as of tomorrow I shall be posting at and no longer here on

Please, come join me over there, but excuse the wonkiness while I work out the kinks!

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Jet Lag Sucks.

Dear Reader,

Jet lag really stinks.  I had this whole idea to have an awesome recap blog of my France trip ready for today, but I didn’t write it.  I tried, but it was hard to fit writing the blog in around the unshakable urge to stare vacantly at nothing.

I woke up around 3am on Sunday, unable to go back to sleep so I went grocery shopping at like 6am.  Yeah, me awake at 6am, it’s unreal!  Unfortunately that was the height of my productivity today.  It’s been downhill from there.  Here’s hoping Monday is better for me, and yours is better than mine.  I’ll get my act together and have something more interesting to say later this week.

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Touring the Sights

Dear Readers,

I have blisters on top of blisters, and blisters on the bottoms of my toes.  And I’ve loved 95% of it!

As of today, for me, it’s going on Saturday evening.  I’ve been to Paris, seen the sights via a boat, and I’ve been to London, seeing the sights via an open top bus.  It’s been a fantastic trip!  I’m going to do a more detailed update later this week or when I get home.  The internet connection isn’t good enough to allow me to do more than a general update right now and upload a few pictures.

Tomorrow my mom pushes off to go to her cycling thing and I will embark on my own journey.  I’m hoping to do a Thursday Thirteen with pictures this week, but I’ll worry about that later!

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Packing Sucks

Dear Reader,

It’s almost midnight and I’m still packing and washing clothes and cleaning.  It’s all kind of nuts for me.  I have lists of stuff I need to take. I have lists for stuff I need to clean.  I have lists of stuff I want to get done.  I’m dying in lists and piles of clothes.  See?  Someone come rescue me!

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RIP Mamaw

Dear Reader,

My Mamaw passed away Monday afternoon.  We’re doing the viewing today and the funeral tomorrow.  I’m going to miss her.  See everyone Friday when I get back.

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Tattooed Brides

Dear Reader,

We all have instances that have marked us deeply.

I remember being around 22, still in college and convinced the world was all cotton candy and rainbows.  One day I was at the mall by myself for a while before my friends met up with me.  I was walking down the main drag of stores when a woman stopped me.

I’m a friendly sort so I didn’t think anything of it.  She proceeds to tell me she can’t believe I would tattoo myself, because didn’t I know I would never be a beautiful bride?

When she said that I remember being shocked.  I might have mumbled something and wandered away, bleeding on the inside.  I’d never thought of getting married, I’ve never been fixated on the idea but suddenly I knew that I would never be a beautiful bride.  I already had massive confidence issues going on and this didn’t help.

My perception didn’t change until around five years later when I was looking at my friend’s wedding pictures.  He’d gotten married to a mutual roller derby friend who was a stunning woman with beautiful ink.  Looking at the dress and her and the whole set up – she was a beautiful bride, and she had tattoos.

While I’ll always be self conscious about my body, I’ve accepted that I can be a non-traditional beautiful bride, someday if I decide to get married.  I’ve even used the personal experience with the crazy lady in my paranormal romance, I Spy You that I hope to send out on submission this winter sometime.

So Sunday I was poking around Facebook and I see this link to a website called Tattooed Brides.


I had to look!  The site is all about the tattooed bride and started as a photography venture.  It’s really awesome, I suggest checking it out.  Maybe someday I’ll be on there.  Who knows!

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Preping for Paris

Dear Reader,

Have I mentioned that I’m going to Paris in two weeks?

The trip has been eclipsed by the family health drama and my grandmother’s condition.  My mother and I realized Thursday that, holy cow, we were leaving in two weeks – and had nothing ready!

I’ve been looking forward to this trip since my mother bought the plane tickets.  I hadn’t allowed myself to get too excited because honestly, the whole trip could fall through at any time.  It’s a trip so that my mother can participate in Paris-Brest-Paris, the longest running organized cycling ride in the world. Something like 6,000 people participate in it ever four years.  It’s a big deal in the cycling community.  Everyone’s seen how the people turn out for the Tour de France, the same crowd – if not bigger – lines the roads for PBP.  And we’re going!

This trip will be unlike any other foreign trip I’ve taken.  I’ve always been responsible for others, going to do humanitarian things with the church or a non-profit but never.  Not this time!  I’m only responsible for my mother – and she’s not the type to throw a temper tantrum in the middle of a crowded airport.  Yes, it’s happened before to me.  I also will be alone for four or five days – meaning – I can do whatever I want to do.  If I want to go sight seeing, I can go!  If I want to hang out at a cafe and write, I can!  I get to be a real tourist for two weeks.

So in preparation I’m looking at places to see, things I want to do and starting to worry about luggage.  My mother is taking her bicycle case and a back pack *eye roll*.  She thinks she’s going to get all of her clothes and stuff into a back pack.  I have no illusion of packing light.  I’m taking a body bag and I’m fine with it!

One of the things we plan on doing that I’m super jazzed about is taking the bullet across to London and strolling around over there for a day, catching a show at the Globe Theater, over-nighting it there and going back to Paris the next day.

The one thing my mom wants to do is go walk Normandy Beach.  We’ve been warned that there isn’t anything to see except – a beach – but we’re going anyways.  I think a nice picnik by the ocean with freshly baked French bread would be very cool.

So are you envious yet?  I’m jealous of myself!

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