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It’s Over! The Bachelorette challenge is done.

Dear Reader,

I talked a bit a month or so ago about challenging myself to understand what the hype was.  I’ve been watching the Bachelorette.  Now, I haven’t been keeping up with it faithfully.  I’m totally guilty about letting episodes build up in my Hulu que and bulk watching them.  But!  After a crazy ass season of this show, it’s over!

Going into the finale, my two favorite guys of the season were there.  I get Ashley, I don’t always like her or think the best of her, but I understand her.

Ben was the guy who stepped out of the limo that I wished I could go on a date with.  He was fun and goofy and a really cool guy.  JP was the too-good-to-be-true guy that just seemed so beyond real.  When she had the pajama date with him, he won me over completely.

Now, spoilers, if you haven’t seen the finale yet, don’t read further.

Still with me?

Was Ben’s monologue about each day better than the one before and his infinite confidence in them heartbreaking?  He agonized over the ring.  He daydreamed about them.  Her family loved him without question.  Watching him leave and how heartbroken he was at the end was sad.  But honestly, you don’t want to marry yourself, and Ben’s goofy side and their charisma was from the same stock.  For him as a person, I hope he goes on to better things in life.  I’d volunteer to comfort him.

For me, when JP gave Ashley the photo book of them together, that was when I pegged him as “the one”.  I don’t know that I believe that she deserves him, but he was the man of the season.  He acted with grace and honor and was really awesome all season.  Watching him picking out the rings, I was worried that he might back out.  He got hit hard by her family.  He had that whole big spiel to say, laying out his concerns, their journey, how he felt.  Was anyone else wondering up until the last second when he finally asked her?  Dear Lord, the man has a thing for dramatics!!

In the end, I’m happy for them.  I hope that not everyone is as skeptical as television romance as I am and that for them, it’s a real life happily ever after.  Without cameras plaguing them the rest of their lives.

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Freaking Cowboys and Aliens!!!!

Dear Reader,

I’ve seen several eye-candy, special effect laden and plot light movies this summer so far.  I think I’ve touched on most of them here.  Some of them have been so bad they haven’t rated a rant or even a mention.

Cowboys and Aliens blows them all out of the water based on the level of awesome.  I went to go see this with Suzan tonight in celebration of the Seekrit Stuff that’s going on which is still seekrit enough to not be mentioned.  The plan was to go eat, drink and then attend the movie tipsy enough that everything was funny.  We hit up BJ’s, a microbrewery and restaurant that’s a favorite of ours.  I had two berry ciders – which I highly recommend.  By the time we sat down at the movies everything was awesome or funny, which was nice because all the movie had to do was make a decent showing and we would be entertained.

In case you’re wondering, alcohol is not required to make this movie awesome.  It just is on its own.

This movie is based on a line of successful comics by the same name.  I’ve never heard of or read them, so I have no basis of reference, just the movie.

The special effects were pretty good.  The aliens weren’t amazing.  I think we’ve had enough slimy, insect referencing extraterrestrials.  Can’t we have a pretty alien?

I loved the cast.  Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig were fan-frikken-tastic.  Olivia Wilde’s character grew on me as the movie progressed, but I didn’t actually like her until the very end.  I will say that the end will make some people upset, but I liked it, and I cheer for the female role in this movie and how she finishes it off.

Ladies, there wasn’t as much eye-candy in this movie.  You only get one good shot of Daniel Craig’s abs, and that’s early on in the movie.  You do get a lot of nice ass views, and the chaps some of the guys wear accentuate the package.

There’s a lot of adventure, a lot of great fighting sequences.  You don’t lack for action!  What I really appreciate about this movie was that they didn’t even attempt to do much of a romance arc.  There’s one there, but it’s low key and appropriate for what else is going on.  Finally a movie that focuses on the plot and make everything else scale to fit!  All in all, a great movie I want to see again.  I hope you go see it too!

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The Potter Craze

Dear Reader,

Last night a friend and I went to see the Harry Potter movie.  The last part of the last movie.  You know the one.  It’s probably caused you minor head ache getting around the lines or the crazy kids at the mall.

I’ll admit that I’ve read three or four of the books – when I was in high school, well over ten years ago.  I never finished them because they didn’t hook me.  They were cool, don’t get me wrong, but they didn’t pull me in like they’ve done for so many others.  And that’s okay!

Up until last year I had never seen all of the movies, choosing to instead avoid them and the fan drama completely.  However a friend of mine is fanatical about them so I made the deal that I would watch the movies and go in the group to the midnight showing of part one of the last movie.  They were entertaining and I liked them, though they do feel more like a montage of the book’s high points rather than a cohesive story unit.

The last movie more so than all the rest.  There were so many things happening off screen or things that were never explained on screen that just – Happened.  It was confusing to see part one and I was very glad I had my friend there to explain who everyone was and why they were left out of previous movies.

Though part two wasn’t as confusing as part one, there was a lot to grasp and I think I walked away from the movie not understanding all of it.  It was entertaining and I’m sure very emotional for the Potter fans, but not so much for me – with very little idea of what was truely going on.  I’m glad that the movies have done so well and that the books are a hit.  It’s been a great run for the franchise, one which I wish those idiots who made the Percy Jackson movie would have emulated but that’s another blog entirely.

So did you enjoy the Deathly Hallows part 2?  More importantly: Did you understand it?

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Trashy TV Addiction

Dear Reader,

You know that one thing that you really like that you know people are going to think you’re crazy for liking?  Yeah.  For me it’s reality TV.  Most reality TV I don’t like.  Jersey Shore, Big Brother, those I don’t really care about.  But there are some trashy reality TV shows that I love.  Typically I let these stream from Hulu or iTunes so I’m always a little behind.  That’s okay.

My show of the summer, that’s regretably already over, was The Voice.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, another singing contest show.  What was fun about it was the real sense of competition, having the judges become teams that performed and warred against each other.  Thankfully they’re already casting for the next one in 2012 and as far as I know all of the judges are coming back!

The one show that everyone gets very wide eyed about me liking is the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Yes, it’s dramatic and crazy and sometimes it feels like these aren’t even real people but I love the Real Hosuewives series, but since I don’t get cable and I don’t really want to pay for it I picked one series and I’ve stuck with it.  When Danielle had to leave the show I bet there were a lot of us who wondered where the drama was going to come from.  Danielle created such strife on the show that it was unreal!  This season adding Theresa’s family has been just as crazy as last season.  The latest show I saw was the Holiday one.  It seems like Theresa’s family is nothing but crazy.  Tabloids have been talking about a possible divorce on her side, I haven’t looked into it but I hope the rumors aren’t true.  Divorce is never cool.

One of my favorite contest/reality shows has always been So You Think You Can Dance.  It makes me want to take dance lessons, and it might be one of the reasons I started taking belly dance some time ago.  This season my favorite male contestants have already been voted off so I’m floundering for a new male pick, but my favorite on the girls’ side is Melanie.  She’s unreal with how she flings her body around and she just commits herself to the move.

So I blogged before about my challenge to watch The Bachelorette.  I’ve never watched this until this year.  Mostly because I’m skeptical of the idea of finding love on a reality show.  However, I picked a golden season to watch because of all the freaking drama.  I hate to say it, but I don’t think the girl is going to leave with love.  I can’t help but look at her choices and wonder.  Bentley will forever be remembered.  He’s the best reality villian ever.  I was so angry with Ashley for her fixation on this Tool when she has great guys there.  I’m wondering what the next episode will bring.

So, what’s your TV fix?


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Reality and Love

Dear Reader,

I’ve never watched the Bachelor or the Bachelorette.  The only reality dating show I’ve ever been interested in was the Millionaire Match-Maker.  I decided that I was going to give this season of the Bachelorette a go.  Why not?  It’s TV.  I can stream it at work, and I’ll understand what the big deal about it is.

Right now I’m on episode 3 and I kind of wish I hadn’t challenged myself to watch it.  I might get behind on the show, but I’ll watch it.  I might not like it, but my stubborn personality won’t let me stop now.

Beyond that, lets talk about the Bachelorette.  I like the chick on the show.  She’s a little no holds barred, but she clearly states that she wants to hold nothing back.  I respect that.  I doubt I could be like that, but for her it works.  For me it’s the guys who break the show.  They somehow find a large group of attractive, stable men – who are also huge romantics, whole heartedly in it to find true love.  What skeletons are in their closet?  This season there’s some business with a particular man who is on the show for the wrong reasons and in my humble opinion is a huge frikken douche bag.

The concept of the show is cool.  Go on a show, meet the man of your dreams, fall in love and walk into the sunset.

That’s what happens in books.  Yes, it happens in real life, but the idea that a reality show will be the setting to find the perfect complement seems a little silly to me.  How many people are going to be able to open up and talk to you about the really difficult things – with a camera in your face?  However, it’s not easy to meet people.  Once upon a time my dad would have sold me off as a wife.  These days we’re left to our own devices as women to meet men.

Once I was told by a professor that since I was graduating and not dating anyone, I had a 5% chance of meeting someone and falling in love after college.  That was a head trip!  I’m cautious when it comes to relationships.  To say I’ve been burned is an understatement.  Us normal gals don’t have the opportunity to go on a TV show and meet a pool of men.  We have to work with what’s around us.  Who we meet in our every day lives.  If you’re adventurous, getting a friend or family member to hook you up or internet dating.  You have to decide what works for you.

As nice as the guys on the Bachelorette are to look at, I think I would run in the opposite direction were I ever on a date with them.  They’re too extremely hooked on the idea of love completing their life.  In my opinion, love enhances your life.  It’s not a basic necessity you must have to survive, but it makes it better.  It’s why romance books are awesome.  Finding love is an Easter Egg hunt.  You don’t know if you’re next date is your last first date or not, but you know that at the end of your book you’re getting a HEA.

I’ve kind of bounced all across the board here.  The Bachelorette is a cool show to watch, I kind of want to gag some of the guys, but it’s an interesting concept.  I wouldn’t have thought a show where all the guys want to be with the same girl and knowing the same girl had possibly kissed or more with a guy they’re sharing a room with.  However, props to them for going for it.  And, I want to go to Thailand again.


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Gluten Free Cupcakes?

I watched a lot of Cupcake Wars last week and really wanted to make some.  Since Sunday is the monthly Writer Chicks get together I thought I’d bake some up, but after remembering one of the girls has to stick to a no gluten diet I panicked a little.  Thankfully there are a lot of options for people who need gluten free foods.  I got a normal Betty Crocker gluten free box of Devil’s Food Cake and made the cupcakes as directed.  I’m using a cream cheese icing and a chocolate drizzle.  Yum!

I might not win on Cupcake Wars, but they’re yummy.

Yea Cupcakes!

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Dangling Bits

Dear Reader,

Have you been to the movies recently?  Have you left the theater wondering what you just watched?

My brother and I went to see Bridesmaids.  Yes, my manly brother went to see a raunchy chick flick.  We expected to see lots of dirty humor, crazy wedding scenes and maybe a few body parts.  While the movie wasn’t disappointing overall, the character arcs of the supporting cast left a lot to be desired.  It makes me wonder if Hollywood is slumming it, doing a half assed job on something that takes millions of dollars to make.  Why not invest that cash in a good scriptwriter that will sew up those plot holes for you?

Of the cast of supporting characters, only the Bride really got an ‘ending’.    There were several story lines that I was curious about when they were brought up, and as a writer I was disappointed that they didn’t deliver on the red herring.

On the flip side, it makes me feel better about what I write.  It’s also a reminder to follow through on your promises to your reader.  Have you read something, and a character mentions something that piques your interest and you want to know more about it?  Were you excited when that played a role later on the line?  Or disappointed that they didn’t deliver on it?

Either way, I thought that Bridesmaids could have delivered better on the story lines.  I’d suggest it as a rental, to be honest.

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