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Killer Heels

Dear Reader,

I think we can all say that I like heels.  It’s been established that killer heels and me are a mix.  This last week a friend and I went to Ross and I spotted these heels.  They’re purple suede with little ruffles across the toe and a nice three inch, swing kinda heel.  They’re comfy, but I haven’t yet had the opportunity to really wear them out. I wish I could take them to Paris with me, but I can’t justify it, so they’re going to be waiting for me to get home.


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Thursday Thirteen: I should be packing

So I think you guys might know by now, but Monday I leave for a two week trip to France.  As of today I have yet to do any real packing, which is a surprise considering how obsessive I am about this kind of thing normally, but this trip is different in a lot of ways.  So, here are thirteen things I need to do or pack before I leave – on Monday.

  1. Call my bank and let them know that when Money is being withdrawn in another country, it’s okay.  I haven’t been pick-pocketed.
  2. Call my insurance company to double-check the procedure for using my insurance in another country.
  3. Making a photocopy of all my important documents.  Making multiple copies so I can leave them in my luggage and with my father.
  4. Dig out my suitcase from the depths of my closet.
  5. Buy the books I want to read while on the plane and waiting for all the cycling stuff to happen.
  6. Get batteries, specifically the lithium ones because apparently you can’t take the others on the flight we’re taking.
  7. Charge all my electronics.
  8. Pack clothes.
  9. Don’t forget things like socks and things with sleeves since it’s going to be colder in France than in Texas.
  10. Adapters so I can charge things in Europe.
  11. Do more figuring out of what I want to see.
  12. Decide if we’re going to London or not and make reservations.
  13. Clean the apartment.


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Stare at My Legs, Why Don’t You?

Dear Reader,

You know what my #2 search hit is?  The #1 is Thor and his abs.  The #2?  My legs.  Seriously.

People apparently like looking at the picture I posted of my legs.  They’re nice legs.  I’ve always liked them.  Not so much my pores or how pale they are but as far as the shape and everything they’re pretty nice.

So here’s a new picture, with some more pretty shoes.

The shoes are new.  Here’s a detail picture of them.  I’m ignoring the brand, because I hate what Christian Aguire has done with the Ed Hardy name.  It used to stand for old school tattoos and tradition.  *deep breath*  Anyways, the shoes rock and I love them.


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Shopping in My Closet

Dear Reader,

One thing I need to keep in mind while house shopping is that I need a large closet.  I let myself forget that the first time around with the shopping, but after the little incident below I know I can’t lose track of how important this is for me.

I have a fuck ton of clothes.

Like, I could outfit a small army with what’s in my closet.  People could theoretically go shopping in there!

Every so often I dig through the darker recesses of my closet and come up with something unexpected.  Something so completely fabulous I can’t believe I let it slip through my grasp.

Wednesday was one of those days.

I found this LBD (Little Black Dress) made by, of all brands, Converse.  It’s made to be a casual dress I think, but with the way it fits me it’s practically a wiggle dress.  I wore it to work, and while I don’t know if it’s going to stay on the rotating work clothes rack, it’s pretty fab.  I paired it with a red belt, some red jewlery, leaopard heels, and because it’s sleeveless and I must cover the tattoos, my red company cardigan.  I’ll see if I can snag a picture of the ensemble, but not guarantees.

Sometimes an outfit can be made new and exciting with the right accessories.

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Killer Heels

Okay, so I go through phases where I’m super proactive about buying and wearing fab clothes.  Then there are times when I seriously wear the same pair of jeans for seven days straight.  Right now I’m in one of my all-about-fashion phases and two of my favorite things to shop for are dresses, and heels.  Dresses because let’s face it, they’re more forgiving when you’ve gained a few extra pounds and heels because they make your legs look great.  This week I decided to really challenge myself.  I bought a flamboyant pair of heels.

These shoes might kill me.

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