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Bidding on Houses

Dear Reader,

Today I’m not so calm.  I have a few reasons to be a nervous wreck, but today I’ll tell you about one reason in particular.  I’m offering on a house and they’re counter offering and I’m about to offer another lower price than I think the seller will take.

A little known fact, my dad is an experienced trader.  He makes most of his money trading things.  Horses.  Cattle.  Trucks.  Trailers.  Everything he can get his hands on he’ll trade and make a profit.  I know I should trust him with the bidding on my future home but it makes me nervous.

With that said, we’ve talked them down by $10,000 and they aren’t dragging their heels when they make a counter.  They want out of this house, so we’re going to play it cool.  Now if only I was cool.


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Teaser Tuesday

Today’s teaser isn’t about books.  Today’s Teaser Tuesday:

I found a house.

Now, to make the offer…

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Eenie Meenie Miney Moe

Dear Reader,

I think I’ve mentioned that I’m in the market for a house.  A place to buy and paint and call my own.  To date I’ve looked at something between 30 and 40 houses.  That’s a lot of bad paint jobs.  Now that I’ve looked at that many I’ve narrowed it down to five and then four.

Of the final four my favorite is the one my parents, who are giving me the down payment, hate the most.  It’s a lovely lake front property that has never before flooded, has an open floor plan and I can see myself living happily in.  The area is nice and the kind of place I can see myself taking a nice walk in.  The view out of the back of the house is great.  I really like this one, but if I go with it and there’s even one problem I will never hear the end of, “I told you so…”

The next is a 1950’s house.  It’s kind of a gem of a property, with a half acre of land, beautiful hardwood floors under hideous shag carpet and beautiful trees.  The downside is that the property needs some work.  The roof needs repairs and we don’t know the condition of the foundation.  One of the things that speaks highly in it’s favor is that one of the neighbors is the police department.  Super safe area, but it’s the area a stone’s throw away that make me cautious about the area’s future development.

The next house is very different from those before.  It’s a newer home, lovely brick exterior, nice trees and a practically new kitchen, flooring and large rooms.  The area isn’t that bad, but it is barely south of the area I live in now and I specifically wanted to move away from it.  I do have lovely images in my mind of how I would organize things and live in it.

The next house is the most expensive and the one I feel the least connected to.  It’s a very oddly laid out house, but that’s part of it’s appeal.  Except for one room, the house is completely tile floored.  The appliances are all new and come with a two year warranty.  It is a bank property so we know nothing about the state of the foundation or what else has been done to it.  The biggest strike in it’s favor for me is the location of the W/D and how it makes the dining area miniscule.

All four properties have great attributes.  Now I just need to pick one.  *bites nails*

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House Hunting is Exhausting

Dear Reader,

I already want to be done with the house shopping.  It’s exhausting.  But more than that, I very much want to be out of my apartment soon.  When I moved into the complex I live in there hadn’t been any arrests on the premesis, there was security, and a gate.  Today none of that is true.  On my way out this morning I passed a guy from the building across the parking lot being arrested.  I want out of this apartment and since the plan is to get a house – I want to get a house, now.

I’ve picked one out.  I love it.  My parents hate it.  No, they won’t be living there but they are giving me the downpayment for the house and taking care of closing costs so their oppinion does matter.  So we’re looking again.  To date we’ve looked at around 20 houses and have about 15 more ear marked to look at.

While looking I’ve been shocked at how trashed many of the houses are.  Funny odors, carpet I’m scared to walk on, walls I won’t dare touch and unknown stuff smeared on walls or the ceiling.  Some of the houses I’ve wondered if I would leave alive.  And then there are others that are very nice. Those are usually out of my price range and priced below what they’re worth, which is still a little more than I can afford.

The issue I’m having is my parents think I can get something that is in good repair, nice quality and acceptable location for about $70,000 – because that’s what my grandmother got about four or five years ago.  They refuse to understand that the market where my grandmother moved is different.  That I’m looking at houses that are newer and the economy has changed.

Last night my mother went shopping with us.  I’m not sure if she grasped what it is we’re looking at or if she understood it all better.  Here’s hoping she did, because we have 11 houses to look at tonight and the idea exhausts me.

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