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Dangling Bits

Dear Reader,

Have you been to the movies recently?  Have you left the theater wondering what you just watched?

My brother and I went to see Bridesmaids.  Yes, my manly brother went to see a raunchy chick flick.  We expected to see lots of dirty humor, crazy wedding scenes and maybe a few body parts.  While the movie wasn’t disappointing overall, the character arcs of the supporting cast left a lot to be desired.  It makes me wonder if Hollywood is slumming it, doing a half assed job on something that takes millions of dollars to make.  Why not invest that cash in a good scriptwriter that will sew up those plot holes for you?

Of the cast of supporting characters, only the Bride really got an ‘ending’.    There were several story lines that I was curious about when they were brought up, and as a writer I was disappointed that they didn’t deliver on the red herring.

On the flip side, it makes me feel better about what I write.  It’s also a reminder to follow through on your promises to your reader.  Have you read something, and a character mentions something that piques your interest and you want to know more about it?  Were you excited when that played a role later on the line?  Or disappointed that they didn’t deliver on it?

Either way, I thought that Bridesmaids could have delivered better on the story lines.  I’d suggest it as a rental, to be honest.

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Kick Ass Heros vs Pansy Love Plots in Marvel Movies

Tonight a friend and I took her kids to go see Thor.  I’ve heard so much about it I went into the theater with high expectations to be wowed by the special effects, blown away by the intricate weaving of the story, and nerdgasming over the comic lines that will be weaving into The Avengers.

The movie starts out pretty good.  A little confusing, but good.  You get a scope of who and what, and want to know the rest.  When the movie flips the switch into back story, well, let’s just say that it flipped the mockery switch as well.

Let me just pause and say, this is a good movie.  It’s entertaining, tells a good story, weaves in a lot of really cool old mythology, and is another stepping stone on the way to The Avengers.

That said, holy fudge tits, can someone please let the nerds out of the closet!  The dialogue for Thor and all of the deity figures ruined much of this movie for me.  They’re kick ass, there were obviously some character arcs we didn’t get to see, and those present agreed that the Asian needs more screen time.

However, the story would have been better off without the love story.  Yes, I said it, crucify me now!  The truth is that the hero was so strong and the focus of the movie on this epic battle for the worlds… that the story of Thor and his mortal honey got lost.  Yeah, I get that the writers put it there so that girlfriends and unsuspecting female viewers would have something to root for, because bare abs aren’t enough, but the love arc was so weak I was rolling my eyes in disgust.

There are a lot of things done well in Thor, but the love arc wasn’t one of them.  Sometimes it’s better to do it right than throw out a half assed attempt.

Now, I believe the role that Natalie P played comes back in The Avengers but I’m not nearly in the know enough about that series to be able to say anything else.

I wish it was just the Thor movie that Marvel has put out that suffers from a poor love arc.  Recently I saw Iron Man 1 & 2 and I hated the role of Pepper Potts.  Iron Man was one of those comics I never read as a kid, so my exposure to that line is based on the movie alone, and from what I saw Pepper Potts was a door mat who was used and when she finally displayed a spine – the hero acknowledges her and everything she’s done for him and ‘wakes up’ to the romance.

Puh-leaze woman!  Plots like this infuriate me.  Why?  Because they rarely happen or work out.  Where was Pepper’s character development?  What about the spoiled brat guy inside the suit makes him worth an intelligent, capable woman?

If you ask me, Pepper is probably a strong candidate for a Dom/Sub relationship, and not in the healthy way.  I was very disappointed when she stayed with the obnoxious guy at the end of the movie.  I hear there’s going to be a third installment, and that the man behind Iron Man will be in The Avengers, but I’m not excited about it.  The story would have been better had they given him a better female love interest, or ignored that arc totally.

These are just the humble opinions of yours truly.


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