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Paris Update!

Dear Reader,

So here’s a quick set of highlights about the Paris trip so far…

I spent an hour locked inside of an off hours train in the train yard, about a mile from the station.  I read a few chapters of my book and paced the train until a poor little maintenance man came by to let the stupid American out of the train.  He then escorted me to the correct train.  Stupid Americans!

This little chicka tried to con me by saying she found a man’s wedding ring on the ground and wanted to give it to me.  In exchange for accepting the ring she’d found I was supposed to pay her.

The police are out in force today, and I watched them snatch a pick pocket off his motorcycle right in front of my bus.  It was rather exciting.

Our usual waiter at the cafe closest to my hotel has claimed he is my boyfriend. I wouldn’t mind taking him home with me.

Mom’s doing okay on the cycling thing.  We did get some bad news though.  An American cyclist was hit and killed on the course.  We don’t know who it was yet.

I love hanging out at a cafe and reading for a stretch.  The shopping is fun.

While shopping, I had a Russian man approach me, speaking Russian.  I then admit that I’m only an American and he scolds me and tells me I look Russian, so I should be Russian. This isn’t the first time I’ve been told I was Russianish.

The end of the ride is close.  Tomorrow night – well, tonight when this posts – I want to go hang out around the finish line and cheer on the finishers.  For now though, I’m going to crash because tomorrow I plan on shopping and finishing off my open bus tour.


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Touring the Sights

Dear Readers,

I have blisters on top of blisters, and blisters on the bottoms of my toes.  And I’ve loved 95% of it!

As of today, for me, it’s going on Saturday evening.  I’ve been to Paris, seen the sights via a boat, and I’ve been to London, seeing the sights via an open top bus.  It’s been a fantastic trip!  I’m going to do a more detailed update later this week or when I get home.  The internet connection isn’t good enough to allow me to do more than a general update right now and upload a few pictures.

Tomorrow my mom pushes off to go to her cycling thing and I will embark on my own journey.  I’m hoping to do a Thursday Thirteen with pictures this week, but I’ll worry about that later!

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