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It’s Over! The Bachelorette challenge is done.

Dear Reader,

I talked a bit a month or so ago about challenging myself to understand what the hype was.  I’ve been watching the Bachelorette.  Now, I haven’t been keeping up with it faithfully.  I’m totally guilty about letting episodes build up in my Hulu que and bulk watching them.  But!  After a crazy ass season of this show, it’s over!

Going into the finale, my two favorite guys of the season were there.  I get Ashley, I don’t always like her or think the best of her, but I understand her.

Ben was the guy who stepped out of the limo that I wished I could go on a date with.  He was fun and goofy and a really cool guy.  JP was the too-good-to-be-true guy that just seemed so beyond real.  When she had the pajama date with him, he won me over completely.

Now, spoilers, if you haven’t seen the finale yet, don’t read further.

Still with me?

Was Ben’s monologue about each day better than the one before and his infinite confidence in them heartbreaking?  He agonized over the ring.  He daydreamed about them.  Her family loved him without question.  Watching him leave and how heartbroken he was at the end was sad.  But honestly, you don’t want to marry yourself, and Ben’s goofy side and their charisma was from the same stock.  For him as a person, I hope he goes on to better things in life.  I’d volunteer to comfort him.

For me, when JP gave Ashley the photo book of them together, that was when I pegged him as “the one”.  I don’t know that I believe that she deserves him, but he was the man of the season.  He acted with grace and honor and was really awesome all season.  Watching him picking out the rings, I was worried that he might back out.  He got hit hard by her family.  He had that whole big spiel to say, laying out his concerns, their journey, how he felt.  Was anyone else wondering up until the last second when he finally asked her?  Dear Lord, the man has a thing for dramatics!!

In the end, I’m happy for them.  I hope that not everyone is as skeptical as television romance as I am and that for them, it’s a real life happily ever after.  Without cameras plaguing them the rest of their lives.

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Trashy TV Addiction

Dear Reader,

You know that one thing that you really like that you know people are going to think you’re crazy for liking?  Yeah.  For me it’s reality TV.  Most reality TV I don’t like.  Jersey Shore, Big Brother, those I don’t really care about.  But there are some trashy reality TV shows that I love.  Typically I let these stream from Hulu or iTunes so I’m always a little behind.  That’s okay.

My show of the summer, that’s regretably already over, was The Voice.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, another singing contest show.  What was fun about it was the real sense of competition, having the judges become teams that performed and warred against each other.  Thankfully they’re already casting for the next one in 2012 and as far as I know all of the judges are coming back!

The one show that everyone gets very wide eyed about me liking is the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Yes, it’s dramatic and crazy and sometimes it feels like these aren’t even real people but I love the Real Hosuewives series, but since I don’t get cable and I don’t really want to pay for it I picked one series and I’ve stuck with it.  When Danielle had to leave the show I bet there were a lot of us who wondered where the drama was going to come from.  Danielle created such strife on the show that it was unreal!  This season adding Theresa’s family has been just as crazy as last season.  The latest show I saw was the Holiday one.  It seems like Theresa’s family is nothing but crazy.  Tabloids have been talking about a possible divorce on her side, I haven’t looked into it but I hope the rumors aren’t true.  Divorce is never cool.

One of my favorite contest/reality shows has always been So You Think You Can Dance.  It makes me want to take dance lessons, and it might be one of the reasons I started taking belly dance some time ago.  This season my favorite male contestants have already been voted off so I’m floundering for a new male pick, but my favorite on the girls’ side is Melanie.  She’s unreal with how she flings her body around and she just commits herself to the move.

So I blogged before about my challenge to watch The Bachelorette.  I’ve never watched this until this year.  Mostly because I’m skeptical of the idea of finding love on a reality show.  However, I picked a golden season to watch because of all the freaking drama.  I hate to say it, but I don’t think the girl is going to leave with love.  I can’t help but look at her choices and wonder.  Bentley will forever be remembered.  He’s the best reality villian ever.  I was so angry with Ashley for her fixation on this Tool when she has great guys there.  I’m wondering what the next episode will bring.

So, what’s your TV fix?


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