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Dear Reader,

So tonight the amazing Suzan and I set up my new website.  I kind of planned on doing a slow roll out, but I’m not very good at slow.  So, as of tomorrow I shall be posting at http://www.SidneyBristol.com and no longer here on wordpress.com

Please, come join me over there, but excuse the wonkiness while I work out the kinks!

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Tiny Announcement

Dear Reader,

I’m sitting on something that’s big.  Really big.  But I can’t talk about it, so we’ll go with a tiny announcement I can share.

When I get back from Paris I’m going to enlist a little help to spruce up my website.  You know, make it look decent and less slapped together.  When that happens, I’ll do some giveaways, ask some really cool people to come by and blog a bit and give away cool shit I get while in Paris.  Neat, huh?

So, stay tuned.  But not like 24/7, I’m in France!  Well, when this goes up I’ll be headed to the airport to go to France, but you get the idea!

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