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Thursday Thirteen: Pen Monkey Stuff

I don’t talk about writing often because I’m no guru or know-it-all when it comes to being a pen monkey.  So I thought it would be fun to list thirteen things that help me write, ways that I find time to write or whatever.  Just so long as it’s writing related.

  1. Writing sprints.  I’m incredibly easy to distract so being able to log into the writechat.net for a good challenge or tune into the #wordmongering sessions every hour, on the hour is a good focus tool for me.
  2. Excel sheet.  I keep a spread sheet with my daily numbers plotted out on it.  I can track my productivity and evaluate my performance.  There are always X factors going on that are non-writing related that impact the out put but I can figure those into the evaluation process at least.
  3. OneNote.  This one little program keeps everything organized as far as research and outlines and character ‘stuff’.
  4. DropBox.  I work on several machines.  Being able to open the most up-to-date version of the file on any of them is awesome.
  5. Candles.  Don’t ask me why, but I write best with a candle flickering in my periphrial vision.
  6. Angela James’ self editing class.  The things I learned in that class have made me a better writer.  No one can fix my spelling, but she at least made my grammar better.
  7. Being single.  I don’t have distractions of a spouce or kids.  I’m single and I can set my own writing hours and schedule outside of work.
  8. Supportive co-workers.  I don’t blog or talk about work on principal, but my co-workers are all very excited and supportive of my writing.
  9. #writersdatenight.  Having friends who are writers is a little neurotic, but awesome.  They understand the things that pop out of my mouth and encourage me unlike any other.
  10. NaNoWriMo.  Some people hate this month long focused writing time.  I loved it and it gave me the kick in the pants I needed to get writing again.  Also, I met some of my closest friends via NaNoWriMo.
  11. Dr Pepper.  Need something to work towards.  Set a goal, achieve it, get a Dr Pepper!
  12. Research material.  AKA, my excuse to sit back with a good book and read.
  13. Some days nothing is more important than penning the story.  Even sleep.  We won’t talk about the nights I’ve spent writing instead of sleeping or how awful the next work day was.


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Some people do it, and Some don’t

Dear Reader,

I don’t want to bore you with talking about my writing life, because you really don’t care about how many hours I spend trying to find a new way to type that doesn’t make my crooked fingers hurt.  You don’t care that I stared at the screen for x number of hours before I hit the big AHA! I HAVE FIGURED IT OUT! moment.  All you care about, if you care at all, is that I write.  I put words to paper, so to speak, and stories happen.

Some writers spend a lot of time reading blogs about writing, blogging about writing, and eventually writing.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  More power to them!  What I don’t get are the writers who bash writers for blogging about writing.  There’s one that while I love the person saying these things, I’d love to see it put to practice.

There are those who masturbate, and those who get down, dirty and just do it.

What kind of writer are you going to read?

Me?  I’m the down and dirty type.  I write.  I’m not going to agonize and tell you about it because my time is better spent actually writing, unlike others who talk about writing and what they’ll do when they’re published – yet never write anything.  I don’t care how big their platform is or how bright the stage, without a product, without writing, they’re just another opinion I could care less about.  That’s harsh, I know.  I can be a bitch, but I’ve come to terms with that in my life.

My point is, don’t spend your time talking about what you’re going to do.  Get out there and do something.

I always said I would play roller derby.  I thought it was cool and I wanted the chance to hit someone legally.  Then I laced up a pair of skates and took my first nose dive.  It was awesome, it hurt like a bitch but I did it.  What is it you want to do?  What’s holding you back?  Don’t wait to do something, seize the day and all that Latin stuff.

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Dangling Bits

Dear Reader,

Have you been to the movies recently?  Have you left the theater wondering what you just watched?

My brother and I went to see Bridesmaids.  Yes, my manly brother went to see a raunchy chick flick.  We expected to see lots of dirty humor, crazy wedding scenes and maybe a few body parts.  While the movie wasn’t disappointing overall, the character arcs of the supporting cast left a lot to be desired.  It makes me wonder if Hollywood is slumming it, doing a half assed job on something that takes millions of dollars to make.  Why not invest that cash in a good scriptwriter that will sew up those plot holes for you?

Of the cast of supporting characters, only the Bride really got an ‘ending’.    There were several story lines that I was curious about when they were brought up, and as a writer I was disappointed that they didn’t deliver on the red herring.

On the flip side, it makes me feel better about what I write.  It’s also a reminder to follow through on your promises to your reader.  Have you read something, and a character mentions something that piques your interest and you want to know more about it?  Were you excited when that played a role later on the line?  Or disappointed that they didn’t deliver on it?

Either way, I thought that Bridesmaids could have delivered better on the story lines.  I’d suggest it as a rental, to be honest.

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